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Disciple´s Bible (braun) - New King James Version

Disciple´s Bible (braun) - New King James Version
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New King James Version - Ausgabe in englischer Sprache
Especially developed for the dedicated Christian disciples, this Bible has the following features:
New King James Version (NKJV)
Words of Jesus printed in brown
Practical biblical tools for disciples: list of Jesus´ miracles and parables, life of Jesus, 24 attributes of the Holy Spirit, important symbols, tests for true prophets, etc.
Chain Bible Study, a wonderful and useful guide to study and share biblical teachings developed with the Bible text
Special recources for committed disciples: A call to evangelism, Christian growth, counseling, secrets of sharing the gospel with others
Unique supplies for Bible preaching: Practical answers to difficult questions and hot topics of the Bible
Seventh-day-Adventist resources: Adventist issues and Fundamental Beliefs
There is an answer! Bible studies, a contemporary way to understand and testify about the Word of God
24 colourful charts inserted throughout the Bible: 2.300 day-prophecy, the sanctuary of the wilderness, the Millennium, the statue of Daniel 2, the beast that rises up out of the sea, the beasts of Revealation 13, the life of Joseph, priestly garments, etc.
Four illustrated chronologies of the Bible: Old and New Testaments, Bible empires, and the life of Jesus
Special introductions and outline of each book of the Bible
More than 200 commentaries, articles, graphics, and the tables divided into five great themes: Theological Issues, Culture and History, Offerings and Sacrifices, Characters of the Bible, Peoples and Empires, along with the Bible text
20 wonderful maps of Bible lands
Dictionary-Concordance for a better study of the Word of God
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